A little word from Claude, founder of Pacific Jewel.

“Oyster farming is a lot like making wine.
We can draw a lot of parallels between oysters and wine,” Says Claude.”Being out there on the boat you can really see — it looks like a vineyard! All the rows are positioned to maximize the exposure to the tidal flow that comes up into the inlet everyday. When you eat a Pacific Jewel oyster, you can really smell Okeover Inlet, the very smell that we’re smelling right now, and that’s a big part of what makes an oyster great! Knowing and tasting the freshness of where that oyster came from.”


Oysters for dinner anyone?

Did you know? An oyster can live for about 30 years. The lighter the oyster, the younger it is.
A really light oyster means that it’s very young. As oysters get older they get heavier. They start adding shell and adding meat. They bulk up!