Our Products


All our product is organically grown and handpicked by our farmers. Each day our farmers put incomparable care into their oysters, from seed to full grown. Our oysters compare to the best and that isn’t only due to their outward appearance, but to their succulent crisp taste.
Our oysters are fresh from the pristine waters of Okeover Inlet and free of any chemicals. We ensure the highest quality to all just the same as the ones we enjoy on our dinner table.
As water is spilling from the shell and you can smell the fresh sea aroma as the oyster is shucked, that is a sure sign of freshness.

Pacific Jewel Oysters

Farmed Oysters

Our signature oysters are tray grown suspended from long lines in the deep cold waters of Okeover Inlet. With delicate meat covered in clear cold juices. These oysters are a connoisseurs delight. Grown at a depth of 6 feet or more during the cold months, these oysters feed off zooplankton rather than the phytoplankton nutrient found closer to the surface. During the summer months we plunge them at a dept of 60ft. The result is a very crisp melon taste, salty with a very clean finish.

Northern Gems

Beach Oysters

These Pacific oysters are our beach grown oysters. This oyster has a fuller body in comparison to our signature oyster. The process for these oysters is very different from the tray grown oysters. They however, all start off the same. The Seedlings are suspended in trays until they reach a certain size which we call “baby oyster,” they are then scattered throughout our beach and nature takes its course. These do not require much maintenance from us. These are a meaty oyster with a sweet melon taste and salt spray finish.